Some Enchanted Evening

"A Shop for the New Age"

Some Enchanted Evening, A History 

March, 1997. A witch named Diane "intercepts" a reading done for her friend, which states this friend will soon open a New Age shop. Diane believes she was meant to hear this reading, and soon a plan begins to form...

September, 1997. Some Enchanted Evening opens in a 300 square foot shop at 9 Mechanic St., Spencer to a small crowd of mostly friends & relatives.

May, 1998. After outgrowing the tiny shop, Diane & her husband, Kevin move the business next door, to 13-A Mechanic St., where plans are made to offer classes & hold Psychic Faires.

February, 2002. Space becomes available at 150 Main St., and once again, Some Enchanted Evening is on the move. The space is smaller, the rent higher, but the visibility is amazing. Business increases by a third.

July, 2006. After a two-year search, Diane & Kevin buy 234 Main St., an elegant old Victorian, to provide Some Enchanted Evening a (finally!) permanent home.

August 31, 2006. Assisted by lots of magickal friends, the difficult move from 150 Main is complete (at 9:15 P.M. with less than three hours to spare.)

November 18, 2006. After 3 months & many delays, the beautiful Victorian sports brand-new paint, carpeting, displays and a ramp. We are finally able to welcome our loyal (and persistant) customers with balloons and a champagne toast. Back to doing what she loves, Diane has never been happier.


Postscript: Although Diane's friend occasionally sells on-line, she has yet to open a New Age store.        

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